Saturday, March 31, 2012


Otis the Smelly Belly Dragon. An unpublished children's book I wrote with my sister. We had publishers interested in my illustration but the connection was lost when I sent back a reply that I'd be more than happy to work on other projects.
We also worked for two years on a stop motion animated version of the story. We created amazing work out of it but ultimately it stalled. I still like to think there is life in the project but it's been dead a while.

Tuesday, March 6, 2012

Time to Paint and Sell

It is nearly Spring, my favorite time to paint. I just applied for the Joplin Art Walk. If accepted it will be the first time my private work has been officially seen in public. Other than online, the only folks to see my stuff in person have been friends and family at my house. It would be nice to start selling again.

I've been working on a portrait of my Cherokee Grandmother. She was killed when a train struck her car a few years before I was born. I am using one of the few photos my mom has of her. She looked happy and is standing in a pose that many of my family does. Mom says she had long hair, but in the pictures we have it's always back. I've taken some license with that, it feels more active.

The Black and White on Gray seems to be a favorite style of mine to return to. It's strange that I never consciously set out to do them, but some ideas just fit better in my head that way.

(You can see the portrait of LaHeather peeking around, I still haven't figured out where she needs to go...I've been working and re-working that one for over a year.)