Saturday, December 5, 2015

My latest and last project for the high school was Seussical the Musical. Not my favorite show but turned out to be our most popular. I incorporated a full size trampoline, slide and foam block gymnastics pit into the set, as well as a swing and Tarzan rope. It was a fun stage to play on.
 The Wickersham Brothers became sock monkeys. I needed to make sure the costumes could handle the athletics of the show and set. Vintage style T's gave them the hipster vibe I used as an overall theme.
 Mayor and Mrs. Who. For the Who's I used over sized buttons and bows on all costumes. Keeping them in a limited color palette also helped separate them from the rest of the cast. Having worked on the The Grinch National Tour previously, I didn't want to copy those designs but also stay within the Seuss world.

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