Saturday, June 30, 2012

Scy Fy project

 The note for this one said "Mushroom with a doorknob" I assumed there was to be a door so this is what I came up with. Couple minor changes and they went with the very first sketch.
 "Spaceship captains chair" Pretty straight forward. That actually was the major note back, the chair should be facing straight ahead.
 "Robot with exposed gears in his chest" One note said "like I-Robot but not close enough for copy right infringement." This one I did a lot of photoshoping.
 Easiest one "Moonscape with lunar module" Sketch then photoshop.
This one took the most drafts. The original note said "Hell scene with torture victim" The chains and wall were to be the 3D highlighted element. Then add a Demon. Then the Demon should be in the foreground, then the horns and pitch fork should be the 3D element. Everyone was happy in the end, including many drafts for this one, I got to charge for a 7th sketch. Sweet!

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