Tuesday, December 4, 2012

My time at the Kansas City Costume Company

A view into the shop, at that time there were different productions being put together going all over the country.
Stylized Chefs hats for the "Whos"

 I first started working at Kansas City Costume Company about ten years ago as a stitcher. I was the rental manager for a few years before I decided to head to L.A. to try t.v. and film. I enjoyed my time in K.C. and have maintained a good working relationship with the company, returning with projects of my own or in the case of the Grinch, helping when they need it.

I made 2 of these Grinch Santa jackets, one "mean"version with fake fur trim and another glitter and feather version when he gets a heart.

Each of the "Who" boys has a detachable tail. I made six different tails.

The direction for each was "like an elaborate Christmas Bow"

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