Tuesday, December 4, 2012

The Grinch who's hands I made that he stole Christmas with.

 I worked again at Kansas City Costume Company last month on "The Grinch" musical. The older tour came into the shop for refurbishment and a brand new tour was built for Madison Square Garden. One of my projects was making the gloves for the Grinch himself. 

I sculpted the fingers, made molds, then cast them in foam.
Painted each finger with acrylic paint.
I made the gloves from dyed mesh Lycra, attached the fingers and painted them in. 
I sculpted the fingers out of plasticine clay, baked them, and made silicone molds. Then poured foam rubber into my molds. After sanding, I painted each one. One of the original actors wanted finger tip hair, which weren't part of the first design so they had difficulty keeping the hair in place. I added an indention in the sculpt to hold the hair more securely. I sewed the gloves, four total, and attached the fingers using a plumbers glue. Finger tip pads from suede were also applied with plumbers glue. My final step was painting the fingers and gloves so they appeared seamless. More hair was vented on the gloves  by a wig maker. The finished gloves were in my humble opinion better than the original.

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