Wednesday, January 21, 2009

I also have Queen Elizabeth as a Bunny.

Henry the Ape really doesn't need much explanation. I had a dream that I needed to paint a gorilla dressed as Henry the 8Th, so I did.

He lead to several other Costumed Animal paintings. My background in Theatre, specifically costuming, comes in handy with these.

I had several of my paintings for sale at my store.(I haven't updated my store) It was through Etsy that I was contacted by a Bat Enthusiast to create some bats in costume. Fruit Bat in 18Th Century Clothing is one of two that she purchased. The other Vampire Bat in 19Th Century Clothing is too dark to post. These are both about 9.5 x 7.5.


  1. I've always appreciated fine costume, these are great! I especially love the bat :-)

  2. Thanks. Did he make you turn your head sideways? He does most people.