Wednesday, January 21, 2009

Let's give it a whirl, shall we?

I have never found a format that I like to host my illustrations and paintings. I am starting this blog as a platform to do that. Maybe talk about what I am working on, vent frustrations or share ideas. I guess this is a mission statement of sorts, though I don't like things to be so formal.

I have posted the painting I call Nadream. It is a self portrait of sorts. It is part of a series that I occasionally return to. I paint images from my dreams in a kind of Neo-Surrealist style. That's fancy pantsy talk for weird.

My friend Dana finds it disturbing that Nadine, my alter ego, is mostly underwater. That's my favorite part about my dreamscapes, finding out what part speaks to the Viewer? (Spectator? What do you call someone looking at a painting?)

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