Wednesday, January 21, 2009

This one is my latest "Alice in Wonderland" themed piece. And at 3' x 4' the biggest. I would like to publish my own version of Alice one day. It has allways been my favorite story.

Rabbit Hole is acrylic on canvas. I almost always use acrylic. The drying speed suits me best.

I have never really tried oils. I would like to experiment with them but I doubt oil will ever be my favored medium.

That's probably why I would be considered an Illustrator more than a Fine Artist. That's fine by me, most of my favorite artists are Illustrators. I am not terribly interested in the Upper Class Art Scene, my paintings are more Populist than that. My roots are blue collar Mid West, as much as I would like to imagine a gallery show with people dressed in black, sipping champagne and discovering the hidden meaning of my work. Sometimes it's just a painting of a Gorilla in a Costume.

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  1. Alice is one of my favorites too, I'm almost finished a painting of her, probably my 5th or 6th by now :-D
    I laughed at your last line, what you do is far more interesting than most of the work hanging in galleries. It is accessible to regular people like me. Really what is 'fine art' and who decides? I love your gorilla and bat in costume, very detailed, and gorgeous colors!